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Bio-identical Hormone Restoration Therapy (BHRT)


The Basics

Bio-identical: The chemical structure of a certain hormone is identical to what the body produces.

Restoration: Replenishing the body with hormone that is produced naturally within. 

Compounding: Providing a tailored pharmaceutical product to an individual patient to meet their unique needs.



Why Choose Compounded BHRT?

Synthetic products have many additions to the hormone’s chemical structure allowing them to be patented by drug companies. This may change how they act in the body and may not produce the desired effects. As well, because of these additions, manufacturers are substituting our hormones, not restoring them. In contrast, bio-identical hormones are identical to what the body produces. 



Essential Balance of Hormones Potential Benefits 

Estrogen: Can help relieve symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, hair loss, dry skin, anxiety/irritability, vaginal dryness, diminished sex drive, and many others. It may aid in the prevention of osteoporosis, and improve skin health.


Progesterone: Can act as a natural diuretic and eliminate excess sodium and fluid. It can play a part in maintaining bone health by working with estrogen to help slow bone loss. It may also help fight insomnia. 


Testosterone:  Can maintain/improve sex drive; increase bone mineral density and strength; and maintain lean body mass, strength, and stamina.



The Consultation Process – Uniquely You! 

One of the benefits of BHRT is the patient assessment process. We have the ability to customize a product to meet your individual needs via the use of detailed medical evaluation and saliva tests.


Saliva testing is an exceptional way to uncover hormone imbalances. It measures the amount of hormone actually reaching your tissues (hormones present in blood are often bound to proteins and not directly available to tissues). Collecting saliva is painless and easy to do at home, unlike blood tests that are more invasive. 


Knowing your unique hormone deficiencies allows us to tailor a specific compounded product for you - thus reducing the possibility of dosing with too much hormone. 


This tailored approach is in contrast to the synthetic products available that do not offer the flexibility in dosage that compounded products do.

Getting a Prescription

1) Book a consultation with us, and fill out a detailed medical evaluation. 

2) Take a saliva test home. 

3) Sample is mailed to lab; and results are sent to The Medicine Shoppe. 

4) Based on the evaluation and saliva test we recommend a compound to satisfy your needs. 

5) Recommendation is sent to your family physician, and they prescribe the desired compound.

6) Your product is compounded in our lab. We inform you when it is ready!

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