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The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy @ the Fredericton Co-Op is continually striving to provide our patients with the utmost level of care with a wide range of convenient services. As such, four of our pharmacists have completed the certification process to administer a variety of immunizations and other injections. This service benefits our clients in the following ways:


  • Pharmacists are one of the most accessible health professional groups. We are available for extended hours and are in close contact with our patients.

  • Pharmacists are a valuable source of pharmaceutical product information and are able to answer all of your immunization
    related questions.

  • Having access to our patients' medication profiles, we are able to identify patients that would benefit from certain vaccines.

  • We keep record of our patients' immunization history, which can remain accessible for several years.


Some examples of injections administered at The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy are:


  • Hepatitis A and B immunization

  • HPV

  • Travel vaccines

  • Seasonal Flu Shot

  • Vitamin B12 injections

  • Shingles vaccination, and more.


Contact us to discuss your immunizations or to book an appointment with our certified specialists.


My wife and I have been customers of the CO-OP Medicine Shoppe since they opened in 2002. We have found the pharmacists and staff exceedingly helpful with advice on some of the strange drug concoctions some of us have to take these days, as well as the common every day sniffles, aches and pains. They always seem to treat us like members of the family and their service is fast and courteous and always with a smile! We even stop to say "Hello" when we are not using their services! A welcome addition to our lives.
-Medicine Shoppe Customer
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